Luca Ziberna

Researcher in petrology
+39 040 5582221
Research interest: 
  • Thermodynamic modelling and geothermobarometry of igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • Nature and evolution of the crust-mantle transition zone
  • Experimental phase relations of mantle peridotites and basaltic magmas
  • Cutting-edge techniques to measure the oxidation state of iron in crust and mantle minerals
  • Genesis of mineral inclusions in lithospheric diamonds
Resources : 

Geobarometry of olivine-bearing igneous rocks:

This software allows calculating pressure of formation of igneous rocks using the multiple-reaction approach outlined in Ziberna, Green, Blundy (2017, American Mineralogist). See the readme file for details and instructions. Available only for MAC. If you work on a Windows system, you can perform the same calculations using THERMOCALC directly (see Ziberna, Green, Blundy 2017 for instructions). Download the software.


Drilling the lower continental crust:

For info about the DIVE project (Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano zonE) go to