Rock sample preparation lab

The lab provide the necessesary equipment for preparation of mineral separates, rock powders for chemical analyses, thin section for optical microscopy and samples for X-ray computed tomography.

Rock Collection

Collection of about seven thousands samples of magmatic and metamorphic rocks from the Italian Alps, Slovenia, Austria, Cameroon, Angola, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Mongolia, Cina, India, Madascar and Antarctic. These result from many sampling campaigns carried out over the last fourty years by some memebers of the research group, in collaboration with researchers from other institutions.

Optical microscopy and image processing lab

The lab is provided with three microscopes allowing for observations of mineral separates and thin sections of rocks in trasmitted, cross polarized and reflected light. Two microscopes are equipped with cameras. A desktop computer equipped with a graphic card NVIDIA RTX 2070 8GB allows for 3D image processing of high resolution X-ray micro-tomography data, as well as high quality images of thin sections.